To serve our customer by providing the highest quality professional services that
address their business issue. We attract, recruit, and retain most knowledgeable and
passionate professional’s services that address their business issue. We attract,
recruit, and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, as we
provide a collaborative culture the enables them to thrive professionally and


To be the most trusted and respected professional services recognized by our
client for delivering excellence.


Integrity-we do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

Pursuit of Excellence:    We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our
people and our customers.
Accountability: We take responsibility for individual and collective
Collaboration: we work together to achieve individual goals.
Passion: Our energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We are inspired
to make a lasting impact

Business Philosophy

We are driven by the maxim of achieving the desired quality at the most competitive prices, by leveraging all available resources, controlling wastage, improving efficiencies, and a target-oriented objective approach to the whole business.

Our major objective is to make a business out of India a pleasurable and profitable experience and enterprise for all – the Buyer, the Supplier, and us. The whole concept is to provide the overseas buyer with a one-stop Buying Office in India.
We value our relationships with our Buyers and Vendors as a high point of our business practices.

Why Choose US?

Our unique vision, mission, and values capture the essence of who we are and how
we interact with one another; it speaks to how we go to market and our commitment
to deliver excellence to our customers.

Supplier Credibility:

Expotex Bd . Limited developing team take great care to ensure the quality, desired weight, construction and color, we evaluate the capacity and capability of every factory. ExpotexBD Limited
also check environmental control, safety laws, labor practices and adherence to labors laws. We make sure that our supplier can meet our requirements when it comes to reaching the average number of pieces produced as per buyer’s requirement at a given period of time to meet schedule.


Expotex BD. Limited maintains a strong exclusive relationship with many of the yarn and fabric mills and accessories suppliers.Upon placement of orders, we check the right way and control the quality of all garment inputs such as yarn, fabric, accessories, labeling and
coordinates the timing of their procurement and its timely delivery, We let buyers choose and decide what kind of accessories and labels to use as far as style, color, design, etc


We develop and provide samples as per buyers’ design, fabric quality, weight, shrinkage, color, fastness, specification, etc. To obtain buyers’ approval before heading to production through our
professional staff of merchandisers and quality Controllers who always keep a close check on sampling and production.

Quality Control / Assurance

Our Quality controllers visit the factory
regularly to make sure we meet our buyer’s requirements. Our quality
control personnel are stationed at all manufacturing sites to ensure that
all production will meet to buyer’s requirement.


Only approved goods are packed and buyer is assured of getting quality merchandise. Care is also taken to see whether all packaging instruction of the buyer is respected.

Shipment/Cargo Handling

All shipping documents are received and
verified as per buyer instructions. All cargo is handled by reputable

Product Line

We are buying agents of the following products…

  • Woven Garments (Men’s, Ladies, Childrens)
  • Knits (Men’s, Ladies, Childrens)
  • Outerwear (Men’s, Ladies)
  • Sweaters (Men’s, Ladies & Kids)